How it started

Our Story

Uniport has been founded in 2018 by Gerald Gonzenbach and Tobias Ursprung, two entrepreneurs with a long professional experience in the financial services industry. The Uniport Schweiz Association has been set up in Switzerland in the second semester of 2018 as a not-for-profit organization with its tax-exempt status formally approved in 2019.

The two founders saw the urgent need to foster the education of top qualifying students, lacking the necessary financial means, herewith realizing the dual goal of i) empowering each student to realize her/his potential, and ii)  enabling Kenya to maximize the benefits drawn from its own best human resources. They also believe that the private sector can support the realization of these goals not only in developed, but also in selected emerging countries by  strictly applying  impact based entrepreneurial practices.

Members of the Board of Uniport Kenya are committed to support the company not only with strategic leadership, but if needed also on the operative level.

Members of the Board who are  in parallel active members of the Board of Uniport Kenya, have been and continue to be actively involved in the build-up of Uniport Kenya,  primarily on the  strategic and sometimes even  on the operative level.

Our Core Believes

Our Team

Kenyan and International board and Kenyan management.

Our Patrons

Uniport enjoys the privilege to be supported by a number of well known Kenyan personalities with strategic advice and active positioning of the Uniport idea.

Our Sponsors

We are open to all forms of cooperation and support, ranging from grants to structured impact financing and are looking forward to discuss individually with our partners the most suitable form of cooperation.