Our Approach


We invest in Human Capital:

  • Our loans are not collateral based
  • Our best repayment guarantees are students with  a good university degree who have successfully  started their professional life

Selection of Loan Recipients


Pre-qualified students from partner pools.


  • Grades
  • Extracurricular activities


  • Passion for studies
  • Employability post-study
  • Gender/race mix
  • Willingness to give back to community

Maximizing Repayment Capabilities

  • Individual Mentorship Program
  • Strong local student and alumni network
  • Professional placement support

Minimizing Defaults

  • Positive enticement: financial incentives for early and timely repayment – build-up of positive debt record,
  • Further Safeguards: legal contract, guarantor, direct salary deduction options, risk of negative credit record.

We closely monitor and measure our impact on multiple levels:

Student Level

  •   Repayment rates.
  •   Finishing studies with a BA (ev. future MBA) degree.
  •   Employability and successful employment linked to fields of studies
  •   Alumni network  active
  •   Active involvement – commitment for future generations.

Uniport Level

  • Financial Sustainability
    •   Operating costs control
    •   Default ratios
  •   Financial domestic commitment
  •   Strategic sustainability: Success and replicability of Uniport Model in other African countries